CCR is a qualified logistics provider in the Healthcare and Life Sciences industries. Our company was founded by specialists with proven experience within the industries that have one of the most specific requirements and the highest quality standards demands. The company has developed to end-to-end logistics provider with a wide range of streamlined services supporting pharma and biotech companies, CRO’s and R&D companies, private and public healthcare institutions in order to face never-ending changes and development in the healthcare industry
Whether international or local delivery, controlled storage, temperature-sensitive shipments handling, using best package solutions from leading manufacturers - we understand perfectly well how to support you with your goals.


Mission, vision & values

At CCR we believe that health is the greatest gift and preserving it is one of the biggest challenges in the world. Whether physical or mental, health is the base of successful development of population, that is why our mission is to support Healthcare and Life Sciences industries and make our small contribution in promoting and securing health in Ukraine by providing streamlined logistics services without compromise to quality standards.

Our vision is to develop the quality and range of our services in order to raise the level of the health care system in Ukraine and improve access of patients to the most innovative and effective treatments in the world.

Values we follow

Teamwork – is a reason for the success of the way we manage our services

Trustworthiness – is the way our partners and clients keep working with us for decades

Involvement - is a key we manage to make things done perfectly


Our team

Pharmaceutical and clinical supply chain are complex and particular about quality spheres, that require a high level of efficiency and accuracy on each stage. That is the reason we place special emphasis on the training and development of our team to meet the needs of every challenge our clients face. Experienced and qualified personnel with an in-depth understanding of local and international requirements is our key resource and secret of success.



For years CCR has been a preferred option for many pharmaceutical and biotech companies, healthcare organizations and private medical facilities when it comes to clinical trials logistics and healthcare logistics services in Ukraine. Our company is highly experienced in a vast variety of logistics and ancillary services, which makes it possible to manage the most challenging projects together with our clients.

Still, it is not only what we do that makes the difference, but more to the point – it is how we are getting things done. Even though we are fully aware of the main fears of our clients such as local regulations and customs issues, loss of time due to unexpected delays, temperature sensitive products stability, quality compliance and overall project integrity, we still analyze the needs of every project individually. Such flexibility reflects in full work customization according to each specific project of our client.

Together with our clients, we determine exact requirements and then come up with a customized solution that is specific to the project. Once we understand all the needs and assess possible risks, then we start to develop appropriate options, presenting our solutions and immediately take action upon the client’s approval. This is yet another fact that makes CCR different – we thoroughly understand the client’s needs and we cater to clients individually, instead of a broad solution that will not meet some of the smaller requirements set.

Our facilities are fully equipped in compliance with local and international healthcare quality standards and regulations. Temperature-controlled storage and various package solutions are in place to keep the products stable throughout the supply chain process.